Wii Exercise Game Results

Having heard many stories of other people loosing weight and getting fit using the Nintendo Wii, I thought I would buy one and check it out for myself, especially as you can pick them up pretty cheaply.  See my Wii exercise game results below.

The most popular fitness game is “Wii Fit”, although there are now many other fitness games on the market. The latest in the series is Wii Fit Plus, which was the one I purchased along with the official Wii Fit Board.

Although there are many fitness events you can do without the board, you really need the board to get the most from the program.

I was pleasantly surprised to learn that as well as strength and aerobic exercises, there is also an entire section devoted to Yoga, another activity I wanted to try but not enough to drag myself to a class. Even though Madonna is starting to look a bit weird these days, you can’t deny what she has achieved through Yoga.

You start the game by getting an assessment of your weight and other measurements, so that it can track your progress as you go through the program. This takes a bit of time to set up, but once it is done, you won’t have to do it again.

Then you can jump straight into the training. I stared with Hula Hooping as it looked like the most fun. You have to balance on the board and then spin your hips as fast as you can, which is more tiring than it looks. You then have to lean to one side or the other to catch hoops being thrown to you.

When you finish each exercise, it gives you an estimated total of calories you have burned off, which I found very encouraging and almost addictive, trying to rack up as many burned calories in one session. Apparently, 30 minutes on the Wii Fit is the same as a one hour light session in the gym.

The best thing about it is because you are concentrating on the screen, you almost forget you are exercising at all. For me, I found the jogging game the most enjoyable, and you don’t even need the Wii Fit Board to play it, instead you put one of the controllers in your pocket, and it can tell the rate you are jogging.

Simply keep up with the character that is running in front of you as you jog through scenic routes around the ‘island’, with varying course lengths to choose from. It is amazing how the game really gives you the impression of jogging in a park, something I don’t even enjoy doing for real!

Another of the mini games worth checking out, although it doesn’t burn off quite as many calories, is the music stepping game. It is kind of like line dancing combined with stepping exercises. You have to step on the board and back off again, either to the side or backwards, all in time with the music. This is a good event to use as a warm up.
Article source : Phen24.

All in all, I have found using the Wii pretty effective for exercise and loosing weight, much better than I expected. It is far better to do some light exercise like this for 30 minutes each day than it is to kill yourself for an hour at the gym once a week, and it’s a lot cheaper too!  Why not let us know about your own Wii exercise game results and how much weight you lost in the process!