Crash Diets

Festivals and occasions are the times to enjoy but they need preparations as well. Those preparations include losing weight to fit into a sizzling outfit chosen or simply to look and feel good. No matter how much urgent the need to lose weight, it should not harm our body. There is a safe limit for weight loss which can be answered more correctly by your doctor. If it exceeds this it just means either you are losing the good muscle weight or your body is not losing weight in a healthy way.

The very first thing you should be aware about while losing weight is do not go for crash diets. Many of us try the crash diet simply because it takes less time and shows fast results. Just so to avoid the spin offs, many people take less harmful laxatives to go with crash diet. You don’t need to know the rocket science to know that crash diet robs the body of its vital nutrients required for healthy functioning. It lowers down immunity making you susceptible to infections. And that’s not all. It robs your skin of its shine. In short the very purpose of losing weight, that is to look good or be healthy, is defeated.

Next thing you should be aware of is do not cut off all fats from diet. Fats have their own use in the body. Certain vitamins are only fat soluble which means they get absorbed and stored in the body in fatty tissues. These are vitamin A, D, E and K. Our body also needs some amount of essential daily fat for good metabolism. You will never be healthy if you don’t have essential fat intake. However, fats are needed only in fewer amounts. You don’t need to cut it off but just reduce it.

Lastly, don’t use over the counter pills for weight loss. These pill no matter how sincere, are bound to have their side effects. Instead what you need is a well researched pill. If any of these pills is prescribed by your doctor , please make it a point to ask about their research validation, side effects and known harmful effects. Also alongside do ask for other pills to choose from.

I only pointed out a few precautions, common ones. There are more to guard yourself against. If you need a god health and want to look good too, do the required but don’t do the not required stuff.