Body Hacking, Intermittent Fasting, and How to Disappear

Ive disappeared for a while after getting up some of the TRX articles and vids up. Dont worry those will be back soon enough so make sure to check back often enough or much easier subscribe via rss.

Ive also started another blog for my fitness business at Infinity Fitness. Lots of my informative posts will be going there (I just got up a series on cardio training and why yours isnt doing what you think) and this will be the home of my more niche interests and rants from now on.

So back to the disappearing act part. Over the holidays and beyond Ive been burying myself in books since in the North East US the weather has been buried in snow storm after snow storm!

A Great Time of Year to Stay Indoors

One of my new experiments have been with Intermittent Fasting and the implications for weight loss, fat loss, and lifestyle adjustment. Intermittent fasting is pretty aptly named as you just well not eat, then eat . easy enough right? Ive experimented with two different flavors of fasting. One being a daily cycle of eating and the other focusing more on a weekly cycle. For more information on each check out Lean Gains and Eat Stop Eat. I will get an update up very soon with a more detailed explanation and my experiences with each so far.

This Intermittent Fasting Thing Might Have Something To It

The other thing currently taking up some of my time isnt a diet protocol, but rather a single guy Ive been reading a lot from Tim Ferriss. Speak his name and you will incite crowds calling for his head and even bigger crowds calling him the modern messiah. I had no idea when I read his books, but after looking around a bit he is quite a controversial figure.

How Many Hours Tim?

Either way, he has an entertaining writing style and has a distinct manner in which he looks at a problem, hacks away all the crap and finds what he believes to be the most direct solution. His books Four Hour Work Week and Four Hour Body are both New York Times and Wall Street Journal best selling books and his lifestyle and body hacking approaches can be fun to experiment with. When the methods he goes over are properly applied they can cause pretty drastic changes. I will get an update on what I found while reading his book and what can be easily and best applied. Giving summaries of short cuts to body hacks That should be brief.

See ya soon